Black and Blue

Directed by Deon Taylor

  1. Loving Mother 1:09
  2. Used To Be Home 1:40
  3. Missy It's Me 1:23
  4. Don't Point That Camera At Me 2:29
  5. What Are We Doing Here 1:21
  6. Dispatch Compromised 3:43
  7. Injured 3:46
  8. Chasing West 1:36
  9. I'm Telling You Right Now 2:09
  10. I Can't Do This 4:44
  11. Miles Decides To Help 2:27
  12. She's Got A Gun 3:02
  13. Them vs Us 4:21
  14. Ghost 2:08
  15. The Hunt Begins 2:23
  16. West's Confession 1:54
  17. It Was Malone 3:40
  18. The Raid 9:00
  19. You Gotta Tell Me What To Do 1:47
  20. The Showdown 9:25

This was my third collaboration with Deon Taylor, and again he created a topical film that speaks to some of the difficult realities faced in America. Naomi Harris brought to life what it’s like to be both black and blue in the present day and with Tyrese Gibson they both delivered incredible performances.

The city of New Orleans, post Katrina, is the backdrop for this intense movie, which allowed me to go to an equally intense place to find the tone for the score.

Deon’s style here is visceral and impactful, so there was no holding back with the score. It’s a fast building, tense ride and the challenge was finding a way to not let up at all as the story progressed.