Directed by Kyung Ho Lee and Wonjae Lee

  1. Almost Heroes 3D Geoff Zanelli 2:44
  2. It's Showtime Geoff Zanelli 1:33
  3. The Show Is Over Geoff Zanelli 1:31
  4. I'm Here To See The Mayor Geoff Zanelli 3:14
  5. Mission Very Possible Geoff Zanelli 3:48
  6. Not Again Geoff Zanelli 2:09
  7. Somebody Needs Some Heroes Geoff Zanelli 9:07
  8. A Real Hero Geoff Zanelli 1:35
  9. We Can Begin The Operation Geoff Zanelli 1:35
  10. Stop The Robot Geoff Zanelli 2:10
  11. You Don't Know What Love Is Geoff Zanelli 1:32
  12. Victor Strikes Geoff Zanelli 3:47
  13. The Greatest Supervillain Geoff Zanelli 0:46

Any time I get a chance to stretch out into a sound I don’t normally get to make, I get interested.  This one was easy to commit to.  It’s a fun film, full of adventure and colorful characters, and it allowed for me to shift styles at the drop of a hat.

The music also, for whatever reason, came quickly to me.  Usually, every note is a struggle but this one practically came to me all at once, nearly fully formed.

That’s not to say I didn’t have a little help from my friends.  Phill Boucher and Beth Caucci both invested themselves fully into arranging some of the cues, Chris D’Ambrosio’s synthesizer work is all over this score, and the orchestra in Bratislava performed every note with passion.