Christopher Robin

Directed by Marc Forster

  1. Storybook (Excerpt) 0:30
  2. Not Doing Nothing Anymore (Excerpt) 1:30
  3. I Would Have Liked It to Go on For a While Longer (Excerpt) 0:30
  4. Chapters (Excerpt) 1:30
  5. Evelyn Goes It Alone (Excerpt) 1:30
  6. Easy to Lose Your Way on a Foggy Day (Excerpt) 1:30
  7. Through the Tree (Excerpt) 0:30
  8. It's Not Stress, It's Pooh (Excerpt) 0:30
  9. Train Station (Excerpt) 0:30
  10. Sussex (Excerpt) 0:30
  11. Returning to the Hundred Acre Wood (Excerpt) 1:30
  12. Did You Let Me Go (Excerpt) 1:30
  13. Swimmer or Sinker (Excerpt) 0:30
  14. Heffalump Battle (Excerpt) 0:30
  15. Is It Christopher Robin (Excerpt) 0:30
  16. But I Found You, Didn't I (Excerpt) 1:30
  17. Madeline's Red Balloon (Excerpt) 0:30
  18. Expotition to London (Excerpt) 1:30
  19. Nothing Ever Bad Came from Bouncing (Excerpt) 0:30
  20. A Father of Very Little Brain (Excerpt) 1:30
  21. My Favorite Day (Excerpt) 1:30
  22. I Do Nothing Everyday (Excerpt) 1:30

Score available from iTunes and Amazon.

What an absolute joy this score was for me! Winnie-the-Pooh is an international treasure. He certainly brightened my childhood, so being asked to work on this out of nowhere was a highlight of my 2018.

Getting to meet the legendary Richard Sherman at the premiere was the icing on the cake, the “red balloon” if you will.

There are some unexpected darker moments in the film and the score reflects that, but ultimately this is a fun adventure about finding your way back to the buoyancy of your childhood and letting that guide you in your adult life.

But it works on a simpler level too. It’s also about an adorable bear who seems to always have the right thing to say without even trying.