Ghost Town

Directed by David Koepp

  1. Pincus Goes Home Geoff Zanelli 1:16
  2. Bedtime Ghosts Geoff Zanelli 1:43
  3. Touching Geoff Zanelli 2:46
  4. Pincus Has Surgery Geoff Zanelli 3:06
  5. Ghost Town Geoff Zanelli 2:55
  6. Disloyal Geoff Zanelli 2:41
  7. Walk In The Park Geoff Zanelli 0:25
  8. Frank's Advice Geoff Zanelli 1:19
  9. Pincus Changes Geoff Zanelli 2:51
  10. Key Chain Geoff Zanelli 1:11
  11. In the Cafe Geoff Zanelli 3:15
  12. Don't Call Me Geoff Zanelli 0:57
  13. Sorry? Geoff Zanelli 0:56
  14. Why Aren't I Enough? Geoff Zanelli 2:28
  15. Leonard Geoff Zanelli 1:22

Ghost Town was my second film for writer/director David Koepp and one of the greatest pleasures I’ve had writing a film score.  It came just after I’d done Pirates 2DisturbiaPirates 3Hitman and Outlander all in a row, when I was eager to write something completely different.  I got to stretch out creatively for this too, if you compare it to the other work I’d done up to that point.

There are a few moments in the film where it’s just a lone piano, or a piano/clarinet duet. I love when I get to write something this intimate, but scoring for a small group of musicians makes you all the more reliant on casting the right musicians to come play what you’ve written. This score wouldn’t have been nearly the same without these specific performers:

The pianist was James S. Levine who found time to come play for me in the middle of his busy schedule composing scores for the TV shows The CloserNip/Tuck and Damages. Steve Erdody played the cello solos, George Doering the guitars, Don Markese the clarinet, Michael O’Donovan the bassoon and Alex Acuna the percussion.