Directed by Xavier Gens

  1. I Take Out The Trash Geoff Zanelli 2:23
  2. The Belicoff Assassination Geoff Zanelli 2:25
  3. Roses For Nika Geoff Zanelli 3:09
  4. Random Complication Geoff Zanelli 2:52
  5. New Suit Geoff Zanelli 1:17
  6. Train Station (Bite Your Tongue) Geoff Zanelli 4:37
  7. Istanbul Geoff Zanelli 1:46
  8. Table 26 Geoff Zanelli 2:26
  9. Best Laid Plans Geoff Zanelli 1:38
  10. Undress Me Geoff Zanelli 2:43
  11. I Need You To Die Geoff Zanelli 2:11
  12. My Number Is 47 Geoff Zanelli 2:27
  13. Trust Unto God (Udre's Funeral) Geoff Zanelli 2:22
  14. Rubber Duckie Geoff Zanelli 1:33
  15. Righteous Buttkicking Geoff Zanelli 2:12
  16. Denoument Geoff Zanelli 3:33

Score available from Amazon and iTunes.

Hitman has a unique place in my memory, it being the shortest schedule in which I wrote an entire score. It was just over three weeks from start to finish, including travel to Paris to record and back to L.A. for the mix.

I remember at the time feeling a lot of pressure about how quickly it all had to come together, but when I go back and listen to this I’m pleased with it.

Agent 47 is a killing machine, so I used the electronics in the score to play the mechanical, calculating side of him. The strings play the tension and emotion, the brass gives him power, and the choir elements provide a more epic backdrop for the story.

“Istanbul” stands out as something you wouldn’t really expect to hear in a film like this, which is why I took the score in that direction. It’s my “not-quite-love theme” for Nika and Agent 47.

And of course it wouldn’t really be Hitman without “Ave Maria.” Here, I wanted to take the audiences expectation and turn it on it’s head a little. I’m not just playing a traditional arrangement of the piece. Instead, since it’s the first piece of music you hear in the film, I used it to establish the sonic world of Hitman.