House of D

Directed by David Duchovny

  1. Sometimes, She just Cried 1:06
  2. Lady 3:02
  3. Delivering The Meat 0:45
  4. Pappass Stole The Bike For Me 1:08
  5. Suicide 1:44
  6. Run Tommy! 1:31
  7. Flashbacks 1:12
  8. Happy Ending 1:39
  9. Back To New York 1:13
  10. Stickball 3:05
  11. Lady's Advice 1:24
  12. Baseball Bible 1:05
  13. Life Support 3:16

This film was my first solo credit as a composer on a movie, and David Duchovny’s first feature as director.

It’s a coming of age story set in New York in the 1970s. I saw an opportunity to write an emotional score with an intimate sound. There’s some influence from the 1970s time period but the story is universal, so I didn’t ever feel constrained by it.

The real joy here was when I put together a great band of musicians to perform this score, and recorded with Alan Meyerson engineering over at Jackson Browne’s studio. The band was George Doering on guitar, Leland Sklar on bass, Walfredo Reyes Jr. on drums and percussion, Mike Finnigan on organ and piano, Alan Steinberger on piano and Martin Tillmann on cello.