Justice League
(Additional Music)

Directed by Zack Snyder

  1. Bruce Meets Arthur Pt 1 Geoff Zanelli 0:59
  2. Bruce Meets Arthur Pt 2 Geoff Zanelli 0:46
  3. Chasing the Box Geoff Zanelli 2:35
  4. Pozharnov Geoff Zanelli 1:45
  5. Red Sky Geoff Zanelli 0:43

Score available from iTunes and Amazon.

This score was my opportunity to work with Danny Elfman, someone who I’ve long admired. His band Oingo Boingo was my first concert and his work in film music has been hugely influential to so many composers.

It was a real joy to do this score, a very different style than I usually work in but with Danny’s support I found it easy to get into the spirit of things, and felt I had made a nice contribution to the music.

This is the only time I’ve worked on a superhero movie. So far…