Louder Than Words

Directed by Anthony Fabian

  1. We Could Take The Day Off Geoff Zanelli 3:02
  2. Feelings Geoff Zanelli 2:06
  3. Why Doesn't Daddy Talk More? Geoff Zanelli 3:08
  4. Have At It Geoff Zanelli 2:08
  5. Goodbye Geoff Zanelli 5:34
  6. Not a Sad Story Geoff Zanelli 2:08

Anthony Fabian directed this movie as his follow up to the critically acclaimed Skin. Here, he uses clean, stark imagery to get to the core emotion, aided by great performances by David Duchovny, Hope Davis and Timothy Hutton.

Based on the true story of a child taken too soon, this film chronicles the grief a family goes through, and the passion with which they take such a sad event and turn it around into something beautiful and good for the world.

The Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital opened in 2005 and is named in honor of Brenda and John Fareri’s daughter, who passed away at the age of 13 in 1995.