Matchstick Men
(Additional Music)

Directed by Ridley Scott

  1. Tuna Fish And Cigarettes Geoff Zanelli 1:58
  2. Panic Attack Geoff Zanelli 0:57
  3. Airport Con Geoff Zanelli 2:00
  4. Vitamins Geoff Zanelli 0:52
  5. Obsessive Compulsive Geoff Zanelli 2:05

Score available from Amazon.

Something about this film made it really easy for me to relate to. I remember really enjoying the musical puzzle presented by the story. It’s a con movie, and the music helps keep the secret.

We’d screen the whole movie about once a week as work progressed on the edit and the score, to fine tune when each little clue to the puzzle was revealed to the audience.  It’s storytelling music, and it plays a huge role here in letting the audience in on what’s really going on beneath the surface.