No Stranger Than Love

Directed by Nick Wernham

  1. No Stranger Than Love Geoff Zanelli 1:50
  2. Vernon's Speech Geoff Zanelli 1:17
  3. Lucy I'm in a Little Bit of a Hurry Geoff Zanelli 1:09
  4. People Are Coming Over Geoff Zanelli 1:53
  5. Go Get Willie Geoff Zanelli 1:15
  6. A Lifeline to Clint Geoff Zanelli 2:08
  7. Let's Test Her Out Geoff Zanelli 2:20
  8. Someone Stole My Bike Geoff Zanelli 1:23
  9. The Jamboree Geoff Zanelli 0:51

From Canadian director Nick Wernham comes this quirky love story.

Here, I’m trying to augment the very colorful photography with equally colorful music.  It’s charming, restrained, and is imbued with a deeper meaning than you might assume on first encounter.