The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Directed by Peter Hedges

  1. You're Gonna Find It Hard To Believe (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:30
  2. Life Goes On (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:32
  3. Thats Not Normal (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:32
  4. Our Kid (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:32
  5. ...Now What? (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  6. Is He For Us? (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  7. Cherry On Top (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  8. I Can Only Get Better (A Glass Half Full Person) (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  9. Love And Be Loved (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:30
  10. Theres Something You Need To See (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:28
  11. Funny, Like Uncle Bub (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:30
  12. Why Not Make a New Kind of Pencil? (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:30
  13. Nice Socks (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  14. Picasso With A Pencil (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:30
  15. Run The Other Way (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:22
  16. This World They Created (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:30
  17. Think "Tree" (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  18. The Championship Game (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  19. I'm With "0" (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:29
  20. The Winning Goal (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:30
  21. I Let Her Go (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:30
  22. We Better Get Inside (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:30
  23. Never Give Up (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  24. So Much Is Possible Geoff Zanelli 3:29

Score available from Amazon and iTunes.

“It’s about what children can teach you, if you let them.”  This is what director Peter Hedges said to me when we met to discuss his movie.  That was all I needed to start writing music.

I began by writing a piece called “Quirkington” right after I read the script but before I saw any footage.  The idea was to capture the quirkiness of the film, coupled with Timothy’s innocent-but-wise persona.  You can hear this piece, virtually unchanged from it’s original form as the main title for the film, retitled “You’re Gonna Find It Hard To Believe.”

From there, I explored thematic material for Jim and Cindy, who long for a child and, through sheer desire and a bit of magic, are able to wish one into existence.  Jim and Cindy are hard working, salt of the earth people and I knew their music needed to be rooted in acoustic, organic and folky instrumentation like the piece “Life Goes On.”

And the third major element of the score is Joni’s music, embodied in “Love And Be Loved.”  Here we have a very real, genuine relationship developing between two young people, both of whom are just a little bit odd.

Whenever I’ve finished a score, I’ve felt a sense of accomplishment for having left the movie in a better place than it was before I began.  When I finished the score for The Odd Life of Timothy Green, I felt that this time the film left me a better person than I was before I began.

Bravo, and thank you to Peter Hedges, Mitchell Lieb, Andy Mondshein, Monica Zierhut, Dana Sano and Hans Zimmer for supporting me as I wrote this deeply personal score.

“Propelled by Geoff Zanelli’s stirring score, which blends folk instruments and human voices and natural sounds, Hedges’ treatment of the supernatural is easy to accept, and these interruptions help to put the pic’s magical realism in perspective.”
– Peter Debrudge, Variety

“Timothy is a very comfortable movie to watch with incredible photography, colorful scenery, beautiful music by Geoff Zanelli and only tasteful humor.”
– Jeffrey Totey, Examiner

“…a charmingly magical and folksy score by Geoff Zanelli, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” is a delightful and bittersweet family film for all ages.”
– Justin Craig, Fox News

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green is Geoff Zanelli’s best score to date…”
Film Music Media

“Somehow though it feels like something clicked with The Odd Life Of Timothy Green. This thematically sound score reaches deep, and I mean deep. The music flows with heart and the central motif anchors it to make it memorable. The characters and emotions come through as clear as they can for a score that resonates with the listener. The music feels personal and you can feel Geoff’s voice in every note.”
Film Music Media

“The homegrown, organic, rich, earthy feel of the movie is fostered by the sometimes Celtic-sounding, sometimes folk-ish, but definitely thought-provoking music.”
– Christie O., Average Moms Wear Capes

“By the time you get to that climax – beautifully shot by cinematographer John Toll and wonderfully scored by film composer Geoff Zanelli – you’ll end up like me: a tearful mess of a viewer, especially odd considering I never weep for anything at the movies.”
– Joseph Braverman, Awards Circuit

“It is the film’s earnestness that makes it so winning. In an era when irony seems to pervade our popular culture, Timothy Green’s unabashed innocence seems like something out of another time. It embraces its simplicity wholeheartedly, and emerges as something both deeply beautiful and completely charming. Shot in gorgeous, warm tones by John Toll (Braveheart, The Thin Red Line) and scored with disarming tenderness by Geoff Zanelli (The Pacific), The Odd Life of Timothy Green is anchored by a strong performance by newcomer CJ Adams in the title role.”
From The Front Row

“Special note to composer Geoff Zanelli (Gamer, Secret Window) who created a modern and audibly unique score for the film. It moved the emotions of comedy and drama very seamlessly and I believed helped in the overall ambiance and mood of the film.”
– Lorenzo Marchessi, NoHo Arts District

“The film has a few enchanting elements, such as the visually stunning color template and an evocative score by Geoff Zanelli.”
– Angela Stern, Picktainment

“Just a wonderful fairy-tale of a movie with a hauntingly beautiful score by Geoff Zanelli.”
Sasaki Time

“The brightest star of the film is the score by Geoff Zanelli. From the moment I sat down until the credits rolled, Geoff’s music masterfully painted a tapestry that was as magical as Timothy and the gift he brought his parents.”
– Tom Sullivan, Tom on Air

“The music and sound brought the film to life. It makes it alive. It makes it feel real.”
– Peter Hedges, Director, The Odd Life of Timothy Green

“I’ve worked on a lot of movies, and there’s something magical about this project’s truly iconic score. It is beautiful and melodic. It connects to the story so well.”
– Dennis S. Sands, Music Scoring Mixer, The Odd Life of Timothy Green

“Geoff is such a good guy, and so talented. This movie and score is going to elevate him substantially.”
– Dennis S. Sands, Music Scoring Mixer, the Odd Life of Timothy Green

[On Geoff’s music cues and finding the right composer] “I would call people and have them listen to the cues over the phone. He was right in front of me…and he was a pasta, Geoff Zanelli.”
– Peter Hedges, Director, The Odd Life of Timothy Green

“The music is an incredible unifier.”
– Peter Hedges, Director, The Odd Life of Timothy Green

“What I loved about Geoff’s music was that it made you not want any temp. Geoff brought a fresh perspective.”
– Peter Hedges, Director, The Odd Life of Timothy Green

“The music Geoff wrote is so magical, because when I heard what he was writing for a particular scene…we had to go back and shoot for two days just so we would have a scene that would be worthy of Geoff’s music.”
– Peter Hedges, Director, The Odd Life of Timothy Green