The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power

Directed by Mike Elliott

  1. Battle For The Urn Of Kings (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:33
  2. Make Peace (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:30
  3. Velina (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:30
  4. The Man Kettle (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:32
  5. We Haven't Eaten Dinner Yet (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:30
  6. Sorrell The Birdman (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:30
  7. We're A Team (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  8. Feel Free To Stop Me (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  9. The Temple Of The Goddess (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  10. The Golden Key (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:29
  11. The Cage Fight (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:29
  12. I'm Not Your Friend (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:27
  13. Destiny (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:32
  14. Creeping Death (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:31
  15. He Is Very Real (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:30
  16. The Second Times The Charm (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:30
  17. The Lost Throne (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:29
  18. Time To Make Magic (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:30
  19. The Crown (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 1:31
  20. King and Queen (Excerpt) Geoff Zanelli 0:29

Score available from Amazon and iTunes.

I grew-up on fantasy movies. My childhood happened to occur during a golden age for fantasy filmmaking, so I approached writing the score for “The Scorpion King: Quest for Power” with the same youthful enthusiasm that drove me to spend my weekends watching “Clash of the Titans,” “Conan,” “The Beastmaster,” “Dragonslayer,” “Willow,” “The Dark Crystal”, “The Princess Bride”… you get the idea. Is there a dragon in it? I’ll score it!

What gives this movie it’s identity and sets it apart, is the way it uses humor to challenge the cliches and gender stereotypes that can keep a fantasy film from feeling fresh, or fun, or original. The film is about an arduous journey to save the world, but it’s also about a 60-something Barry Bostwick in women’s clothing and a tribe of little people obsessed with belching contests.

The journey, the fights, and the high stakes are all played with appropriately serious music. I tried to imbue the score with gravitas and play to the epic nature of the story. But whenever I’d start to get pretentious or too self-important, my director Mike Elliot would say something like, “Geoff, please don’t forget that there are two grown women in tattered clothes having a cage fight in this movie.” There’s a dragon, too.  Well, sort of…

So go ahead, have fun, enjoy the ride and the music — I hope it’s as enjoyable to listen to as it was to write.