Shark Tale
(Additional Music)

Directed by Bibo Bergeron, Vicky Jenson, Rob Letterman

  1. The Kelp Fields Geoff Zanelli 3:15
  2. Dreaming Big Geoff Zanelli 1:31
  3. Italy Romance Geoff Zanelli 2:06
  4. Guppy Love Geoff Zanelli 1:43
  5. The Sharkfather Geoff Zanelli 2:09

Score available from Amazon and iTunes.

I did some of the Italian music for this film since it’s in my blood, but the most fun I had on this was writing “The Kelp Fields” which is a cue that plays under dialogue.

There’s a very particular challenge in writing a cartoony cue like this which has to weave in and out of a busy conversation between the characters. It’s also very time intensive to write, and while I expected it to be difficult to play with the orchestra, they handled all the details perfectly.