The Intruder

Directed by Deon Taylor

  1. Modern Art (Excerpt) 0:30
  2. This Creaking Sound (Excerpt) 0:30
  3. 3.2 Million Problems with Charlie (Excerpt) 0:30
  4. Tapestry (Excerpt) 0:30
  5. Livin' the Dream (Excerpt) 0:30
  6. Your Question Does Not Deserve an Answer (Excerpt) 0:30
  7. I Think I Saw Him in the House (Excerpt) 0:30
  8. Don't Let Him In (Excerpt) 1:30
  9. Charlie's Foot (Excerpt) 0:30
  10. Shower Voyeur (Excerpt) 0:30
  11. Staredown (Excerpt) 0:30
  12. Something I Didn't See Coming (Excerpt) 1:30
  13. He's Not Who You Think He Is (Excerpt) 1:30
  14. Charlie Chases Annie (Excerpt) 0:30
  15. Cassidy Calls Scott (Excerpt) 0:30
  16. I Took Care of Scott (Excerpt) 0:30
  17. We've Had This Date from the Beginning (Excerpt) 1:30
  18. He Killed Him (Excerpt) 1:30
  19. Lights Out (Excerpt) 0:30

Score available from iTunes and Amazon

This is my second film for Deon Taylor and it’s chock full of Dennis Quaid insanity! I saw this a few times in the theater with a crowd, and I finally understood what Deon meant by “interactive film making.” When people are screaming at the screen and having a communal experience at a thriller like this, you know you’ve found your audience!

The Intruder is a home invasion story, and I got the idea that my percussion section should be made up of home building supplies, so I made what I called the Cacophony Cage, a giant cube made of PVC pipe from which I dangled air ducts, sheet metal, pipes, planks of wood, or anything I could find at Home Depot and stood inside it to be able to bash on them and create parts of the score. And I grunted into a microphone, and I abused a cello, and I screamed and used construction equipment to layer into the score, and by the end of my personal descent into madness, I had the score for The Intruder…

Dennis Quaid told me at the premiere “you gave this movie so much emotion and intensity with your music!” But I can’t do that without great performances from him, Micheal Ealy and Meagan Good in the first place. They were all terrific!