You Should Have Left

Directed by David Koepp

  1. Unreliable Geometries (Excerpt) 1:30
  2. Ceremonial (Excerpt) 0:30
  3. There Is Nothing Wrong With The Thoughts You Have (Excerpt) 1:30
  4. Old Man, Sunblock! (Excerpt) 0:30
  5. Welcome Home (Excerpt) 0:30
  6. Did Daddy Kill Her? (Excerpt) 0:30
  7. You Know What Is Really Happening (Excerpt) 0:30
  8. Ok With Me (Excerpt) 0:30
  9. You Look Lost (Excerpt) 0:30
  10. Drive Safe Sweety (Excerpt) 1:30
  11. Looks Like A Wall To Me (Excerpt) 1:30
  12. Road Into Town (Excerpt) 0:30
  13. Do You Still Love Mommy? (Excerpt) 0:30
  14. You Can't Run Away From a Shadow (Excerpt) 1:30
  15. I Belong Here (Excerpt) 1:30

Score available from iTunes and Amazon.

I woke up to a voicemail from David Koepp:

“Hey Geoff. Can you give me a call, I want to talk to you about something. It’s… you know… about a movie…”

And this one brought us back to the thriller genre, a reminder of when we first worked together over a decade ago on Secret Window. It’s a story about isolation and a man with a secret past, and the film really seemed to want solo instruments and handcrafted sounds. I found a few instruments that were suggestive of the setting in Wales — a crwth, a bowed psaltery and an imported tagleharpa from across the pond were all tortured by my own hands.

The challenge was balancing all of these elements with additional synth elements while keeping the score cohesive. 

Unreliable Geometries was the first piece I wrote for this, which informed much of the score with it’s blend of organic and synthetic. It seemed to nod toward the M.C. Escher-esque architecture of the house the film is set in while also giving it some sort of dark, evil spirit presence.